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I remember watching Lord of the Dance as a kid, and I wanted to be part of this dance. Not the women, with their gorgeous floaty dresses (who were seriously beautiful). 

No, I wanted to be part of these guys, because just… look at them. So intense. The women floated across the stage but I was a heavy-fotted child and I wanted to dance like these guys.

I went to see Lord of the Dance when I was a kid. It was fucking AWESOME. 

Don Dorcha and his Warlords was one of the best bits. I also like his name. Don Dorcha means “The Dark” in Irish Gaelic. 

Did you know that chlorine gas smells absolutely nothing like “swimming pools”? Most of the halogens don’t. Iodine is probably the closest you get to that smell, but it’s more acrid. Bromine is worse though. It has a very strong odour that sticks in and irritates the nose and makes you cough. Chlorine is (in my opinion) the worst though. It has a very acrid odour that burns the sinuses and the lungs. Imagine you snort swimming pool water up your nose, and then magnify it by a factor of a thousand. It also makes you cough badly, and your lungs become very phlegmy.

Prolonged exposure to any of the halogens will cause you to have difficulty breathing, headaches, weakness in the limbs and shaking. They WILL kill you if you receive a large enough dose… which is why building a chlorine generator with a broken gas jar is a BAD IDEA.

I know all this because at one point or another I have accidentally gassed myself with these elements. It was highly unpleasant. Still pretty useful to know. I can now add most of the halogens to my list of “Potentially deadly gasses that I can now identify by smell”.


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